Engineering and Technology Department

In this department ,after that we get technology of modeling through engineering services and reverse engineering. we produce one sample of equipments to get defects and fix them.

Research and Development Department

We check abrasion phenomenon of parts, impact resistant and heat resistant.we offer production new methods in casting or heat treatment of industrial equipments to increase quality and proceeds

Quality Control Department

Controller control all items such as input items,final goods, heat treatment,machining.

Lab Department

We offer you below items:

  • Hardness:ASTM E3:2017 , ASTM E18:2019
  • Analysis standard:ASTM E1086:2014, ASTM E415:2025
  • Seed Size Standard:ASTM E1382:, ISO643
  • Types of Grafit:ASTM a247, ISO 945
  • Metallography:ASTM E112

Modeling Department

we produce one model of equipments through CNC method.we can produce every weight of model with unolith, aluminum,cast iron and wood materials.

Casting Department

Our business is focusing on produce all-iron-base equipment by casting.

Machining Department

We use ISO 2768,ISO 8062, ISO 13920 in machining.

Heat Treatment Department

We do heat treatment with heating system to dimension (2500*2500*3000).also we can give customers chart of cooling and heating.